Friday, October 5, 2012

What China Scam Victims Need To Know And Do First...

If you have been victimized by a Clever China Cheater's fraud - relax.  Stop cursing long enough to read this. Do not panic. There is a very good chance you can get your money back if you know the real name of the person you were dealing with, or the address of where the company is really located. Even if you don't know either piece of information there is still a 50/50 chance of recovery. With the above information, your odds grow to over 80%.  What do you need to do now most is calm down and fight your urge to run to a lawyer. Why?

Unless you want to throw good money after bad and accumulate a legal bill that grows several hundred dollars by the hour to maybe have a 30% of prevailing in a foreign country two years from now, just relax. There is a cheaper and more effective alternative. Start by reading the below, and then the next page. Come on now, take a deep breath and read on. BTW... we only know of nine instances over the last five years in China where foreigners have ever won a court case in China. And although judgements were issued, no moneys were ever recovered for the victims - only unenforceable paper judgements. If our way sounds nore reasonable, effective and afforadable to you, get in touch and we'll take a hard look at your situation.

We make no promises, but we love what we do, and we always do our best.  BTW... we speak and understand English, Chinese, Korean, and Spanish but for the sake of our support staff, our written communications will always be in English.

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  2. I have been scammed by chinese company called wuhan xuyadi chemicals ltd for abut 27000 usd. I am from india and usd 27000 is as good as usd 50000 for any foreigners. Its a lot of money for us and we wont recover easily. Please take up mu case. Mail me at the website of chinese scamster is

  3. Do you also help teachers from Europe, or only American & Canadian teachers?

  4. I wanted to warn you about fake Chinese company called China Greatwall Petroleum and Chemical from Qingdao. They also use names Servetal Industrial and Aoer. Leader Bill Yu (using name Bill Zhou, possilbe real name Zhou Guangzhe) stole 77000 USD from us. They offer PE, PP and PVC, but they sent cheap industrial salt in 3 contianers. Please visit our website to read details:

  5. We have been cheated by a Chinese supplier now what should i do to blacklist in the websites. Al Adnan Enterprises.