Friday, October 5, 2012

Frequently Asked Questiions About IRS


If you are serious and not just curious as to how we can collect your money for you (in most cases) then please take the time to read the below links BEFORE you send us 20 questions in an email.  If you read these articles, most of your questions will be answered.  If at that time you think you may want us to pursue the party that owes you money, please send us an email and tell us the following:

1.  Is your debt/fraud less than 3 years old?

2.  Is your debt/fraud more than $50,000 usd?

3.  Do you know the real name of the party that owes
     or swindled you?

4.  If the answer to no. 3 above is "no", do you know
     where there current office is located?

5.  Do you have any photos of the people who owe
     or swindled you?

6.  Is your debt/fraud provable with contracts and/or 
     emails, letters, recordings, or reliable witnesses?

7.  Then in 500 words or less, summarize what 
     happened to you in English

Due to the high volume of inquiries we receive, we do not accept unsolicited calls until we know the above information and decide to accept your case.

Please be sure to include your name, mobile phone bumber, Skype number, and your company web site. From the date we receive your information with ALL of the above, we will respond within 5 working days. Send yur email to without attachments.  Emails with attachments will not be opened and will be deleted. Here are the links we ask you to read so we can have a brief and meaningful discussion when we speak on the phone after we receive your answers to the above questions.

We thank you for your interest, cooperation, patience, and understanding of our initial screening process. The only guarantee that we make is to try our very best on your behalf. We sincerely hope that we will be able ing
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  1. The IRS is responsible for collecting taxes and the interpretation and enforcement of the Internal Revenue Code. Thank you so much for providing this kind of information.

    Brent Fowler

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